Technology transfer


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This database encloses notices about innovations, pointed out by technology transfer offices, ready to find an application in the manufacturing of medical devices. Through a search engine, any company can find interesting information, can read abstracts, and get more details by downloading specific forms. Each form has been filled in by technology transfer offices which collaborate to this purpose.

The system also allows to search using the development stage of the innovations and/or specific keywords (from BBS-TECHNOLOGY KEYWORDS related to Biological Sciences, 6th paragraph - Enterprise Europe Network).

The aim is to promote innovation and R&D investments in the medical device sector, highlighting scientific research results. According to this purpose the access to the database is completely free.


Number of collected forms: 52

Last  update: March 1st 2018


Technology transfer offices interested to point out further innovations can fill the dedicated form and send it to the following email address:


The database has been set up by Centro Studi di Assobiomedica in collaboration with:

Every technology transfer office filled in the forms. Assobiomedica has not modified such forms in any way and therefore can't vouch for their completeness and accuracy.